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Dispensary offers new option for medical marijuana

Dispensary offers new option for medical marijuana

A new medical marijuana dispensary has opened its doors in St. Joseph and is seeing a large amount of support so far.

Sunny Daze Dispensary, located at 4225 Commonwealth Court, opened to the public in August. Brittany McCarthy, the general manager, said that her staff has been hard at work ensuring everyone has a good experience in the store, and they’re doing their best to educate the community.


“Everything’s been going really well. We are looking forward to getting some more knowledge into the community and St. Joseph and a lot of people don’t know how easy it is to get their patient card, to be able to benefit from medical cannabis,” McCarthy said. “So we’re looking forward to getting out there and having more people come in to learn.”


The dispensary has informational pamphlets and resources available to customers. People can apply to get their medical marijuana card on their website as well at


Employee Emmaleigh Stamper said her job has been rewarding seeing how the product helps the customers who come in.


“I think the best part is from the personal stories that I’ve heard from patients that come in. Some people are not able to use painkillers and like medicine,” Stamper said. “So it’s cool to hear their personal stories of it being medical, and just how it benefits differently.”

With an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana appearing on the November ballot, McCarthy thinks if it passes, it will not only impact her business but the St. Joseph community as a whole.

“I think, like everyone in the industry, we are all really looking forward to the changes that will come with that and the amount of people that will be able to benefit. We’re looking forward to gaining a variety of products to really benefit the population,” McCarthy said. “Another benefit to the recreational bill passing in November is the amount of jobs it could add for our community. I think that that would be really beneficial. And just seeing how recreational markets have benefited other populations, I think that it would be great to see how that benefits St. Joe.”


The dispensary is open to the public now, but a grand opening will be held in October.



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